Ukraine is an indepenent democratic country which is situated in the Central part of Eastern Europe and borders on Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Byelarussia and the Russian Federation. Having the total area of 603,700, Ukraine is one of the biggest countries of Europe.

The capital is Kyiv.


Ukraine has a mostly temperate continental climate.

Average annual temperatures range from 11–13 °C (51.8–55.4 °F) in the south, to 5–7 °C (41.9–44.6 °F) in the north.

Average summer temperature in the warmest month (July): from +17 °C +29 °C (between +64,4 °F and +77 °F) in the north, to +23 °C +25 °C (between +73.4 °F and +77 °F) in the south.

Average winter temperature in the coolest month (January): from -7 °C to -8 °C (between +17.6 °F and +5 °F) in the north, to 0 °C to +2 °C (between +32.0 °F and +35,6 °F) in the south.

For converting Fahrenheit into Celsius and back the following formula is used:

F = (1,8 x °C) + 32 °C = 0,55 x (F - 32).

In winter precipitations are in the form of snow almost on the whole territory of Ukraine, the depth of the snow cover is around 10-30 centimeters on the flat part of the country and 40 centimeters in the mountains.


Sumy city

Sumy city is an important industrial, cultural, scientific and educational center of Sumy region. It is a modern city with well-developed infrastructure where one can find all necessary conditions for productive studies and comfortable living. The population of the city is about 270,000 people.