Around 40 kinds of sport are provided in the Sports Club of Sumy State University, more than 76 sports sections are provided, including the major league teams. Moreover, 22 students of SumDU Sports Club are prize winners of Olympic Games, World and European Championships

Every day from 7.00 till 22.00 such sports facilities (24 sports facilities) are open as swimming pool, stadium, specialized halls for sport choreography, combat sport, table tennis, playing hall and gym, shooting range, sports- and playgrounds with artificial covering, rowing and ski resorts, club of intellectual sports games and many others. Such new facilities are open as sports and dancing hall in the building “N”, sports and recreation center “Univer”, sanatorium-dispensary.

Such sports clubs are available in Sumy State University: field-and-track athletics, cross-country running, draughts, chess, judo, freestyle-wrestling, volleyball, table tennis, archery, futsal, karate, sport- and fitness aerobics, handball, swimming, basketball, orienteering, boxing, football, beach volleyball, rowing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, tourism, parkour and close fight.

Mini-football team “SumDU–International” consisting of the foreign students of Sumy State University, was created on the base of the Medical institute and plays in a student league of Sumy city.