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SumDU Rector Anatoliy Vasylyev: Our main task in quarantine conditions – to ensure a stable work of the university, first and foremost – educational process

On 23rd of March the session of the rectorate took place online due to quarantine at SumDU. Henceforth rectorates and other meetings will be conducted online.

Director of the Medical Institute Andrii Loboda told about specifics of medical students’ studying during quarantine (+video)

Due to the All-Ukrainian quarantine the education process of all the modes of study in the university is conducted in the distance mode. Andrii Loboda, Director of the Medical Institute of SumDU, told about the organization of medical students’ education on the air of “CTC” TV channel.

Physical rehabilitation Research&Study laboratories were opened at SumDU (+video)

The opening of laboratories took place on 11th March on the base of the Department of physical therapy, ergotherapy and sports medicine is situated in the University сlinic of Sumy State University.

SumDU offers assistance in organizing of the students’ distance learning

Due to quarantine conditions Sumy State University has an opportunity to assist education institutions with organizing of the students’ distance learning.

20 years anniversary of foundation of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of SumDU

On March 15th 2000 Sumy State University founded the faculty that united several departments of humanitarian direction.

On May 12, 2016 teachers and students of groups М-2 and I-1 together with the dean of the Preparatory Department Alina V. Shevtsova and curator Ekaterina O. Uryvska visited artistic charity event “Lilac Blues” that took place in the botanic garden of Sumy State Pedagogical University named after Makarenko.