Linguistic Center of the Department of International Education was created in 2011. The activity of this structural unit is aimed at the improving language skills level of the foreign citizens who study at Sumy State University. Therefore Linguistic Center gives foreign students of SumDU a brilliant opportunity to undergo language training in order to improve proficiency in Ukrainian or English languages.

Language training on the basis of the Linguistic Center provides improvement of language skills within the shortest possible period of time. First of all, the efficiency of Ukrainian language training is ensured by the fact that students live in the verbal environment of the language, which is being improved. Secondly, language training is realized in relatively small groups of students (8-12 people). Studying of foreign students is provided by highly qualified lecturers of the Department of Language Training and the Department of Germanic Philology of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications.

The course of studies and the amount of hours for language training are determined by the working programmes according to the student’s requirements. The training in Ukrainian and English languages is provided, as a rule, in the following aspects:

  • Introductory course of phonetics;
  • Basic grammar course;
  • Scientific style of speech;
  • Training of coherent speech.

In case of successful completion the full course of theoretical and practical studies and passing the final exam, foreign students obtain certificates of a standard pattern.

To sum up, the systematic and effective work with highly experienced lecturers in the process of language training on the basis of the Linguistic Center gives foreign students an excellent opportunity to acquire indispensable knowledge and extensive language experience.