Foreign students eagerly participate in the activity of the creative groups, studios and clubs, organized by the Cultural and Artistic Centre of Sumy State University.

The main goals of the Cultural and Artistic Centre are:

  • organize and hold cultural entertaining events;
  • reveal the students’ creative potential;
  • create conditions for the individual’s aesthetic development;
  • popularize intellectual leisure, various types and genres of artistic and creative performing arts (music, choreography, theater etc.).

Foreign students participate in such entertaining events as “Mister Foreign Student”, “Talent-International”, “International Students’ Day” and many others.

The most active foreign students gathered together to organize the Club of the Funny and Inventive “S aktsentom”. Today the team “S aktsentom” combines in itself the Caucasus flavor, charm of the Middle East, always surprising humour of Africa and the fascination of the only girl in the team. However, it is difficult to anticipate the accent of which country will be heard next time as far as the team is always open for new talented and extraordinary foreign students.