International Cultural Centre is a voluntary association of foreign and Ukrainian students which is created on the base of the Department of International Education of Sumy State University with the support of the SumDU administration and the Foreign Communities’s Leaders Council.

The aim of the activity of International Cultural Centre is consolidation of efforts aimed at the creation of the atmosphere of interethnic and religious tolerance between the representatives of different nationalities that study at Sumy State University.

 Main tasks and activity aspects of International Cultural Centre:

• development of mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between students, post-graduates, staff and teachers of the University irrespective of nationality;

• creation of conditions for equal participation of foreign students in the social, cultural and sport life of the University and realization of their right to cultural and religious aspirations;

• facilitate the communities and action teams of foreign students of SumDU in celebration of national holidays, organization of informational and cultural events, art exhibitions, etc;

• collection and disclosure of information about the culture and history of different countries;

• organization of lections and talks on the history, culture, religion, art, national traditions and customs of the countries which foreign students come from;

• raise awareness of the Corporate Culture Code of Sumy State University;

• promoting and developing contacts with other ethnic cultural associations and councils both in Ukraine and abroad.