Foreign Communities’ Leaders Council was established at the initiative and with the participation of the foreign and Ukrainian students and Sumy State University administration in April 2014. The aim of the Council is to improve the studying and living conditions of foreign students, to protect their rights and interests and to ensure the fulfillment by foreign students their responsibilities.

Foreign Communities’ Leaders Council consists of the foreign communities’ leaders (one representative from each country); SSU student leader; members of the SSU student council, responsible for the work with foreign students; first vice-rector; director of the Department of International Education and vice-deans (or deputy director of the Medical Institute), responsible for the work with foreign students.

Main tasks of the Foreign Communities’ Leaders Council:

• development of mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation between students, post-graduates, university staff and teachers;

• coordination of the activity of foreign communities and the university administration on the questions concerning the staying and studying of foreign students at the university;

• protection of rights and interests of foreign citizens, who study at Sumy State University;

• ensuring the fulfillment by foreign citizens their responsibilities, prevention of crimies by foreign citizens;

• facilitation of participation of foreign students in the social, academic, cultural, public and sport life of the university and realization of their right to cultural and religious aspirations;

• ensuring the necessary living conditions for foreign students.


Leaders of Communities' Council





Al-Alwani Mohammed Mohanad Jaber 

Leader of Iraqi Students Community




Kassab Basem N.I.

Leader of Palestinian Students Community





Unawunwa Franklin Onyekachi

Leader of Nigerian Students Community


Joseph Renish

Leader of India Students Community


Foussouo Raoul

Leader of Cameroon Students Community

Masitoko Evidence

Leader of Zimbabwe Students Community

El Shafe Moawia El Tijani El Teef

Leader of Sudan Students Community






Charyyev Nepes 

Leader of Turkmenian Students Community