Considering the dangerous situation caused by Russia's aggression against Ukraine, we report the following

  1. Communication with students

The Department of International Education will temporarily work online. For the prompt resolution of any issues, you can use the following communication channels with us:

  1. Medical aid

In case of deterioration of health, students can use qualified consultation of doctors of Sumy State University clinic (reach out to Zharkova Albina Volodymyrivna)

  1. Recommendations on a safe stay of students in a time of threat.

Considering the challenging and dangerous situation in Ukraine and particularly in Sumy, students are recommended to stay in hostels and not leave them unnecessarily, to comply with the curfew, to follow instructions and recommendations of university staff, in particular, when moving to shelter in case in case the alarm system operates. Only for security reasons,

with the disruption of railway and road connections of Sumy with other towns and cities, international students are strongly advised not to leave the city of Sumy or try to travel independently in any direction. Follow the information on our telegram channel carefully.